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Madaline is a Dancer, Director, and Artist based out of Los Angeles, CA.


"My work is located somewhere between art and life. I believe all of reality to be surreal and use a wide range of mediums to capture it. My 20+ years of dancing various styles has lead me to also work with paint, photo and video. I like to capture life around me in a grounded yet completely new and imaginative way. I see all art as stemming from experience and sensation in the body and use this always as my locus for creating; working from very self-intuitive and improvisational states involving movement, emotion, and language."

Madaline has performed for notable brands and artists such as Apple, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Puma x Balmain, Sam Smith, Reebok, Oakley, and more.

She has shown works at The Brand Library & Art Center, MiM Gallery Los Angeles, Leimin Space Gallery, Thomas P. Kelly Art Gallery, Blue Roof Studios as well as at many other underground art spaces, studios, and events.

She has also just recently opened her own performance art company called If I Was Your Body.


Email for inquiries:

based in Los Angeles, CA.

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