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Represented by GTA Los Angeles

 2825 W. Magnolia Blvd. 

Burbank, CA 91505 

GTA Phone #: 818843-9800


Height: 5’7”  Eye Color: Green  Hair: Orange  


Sam Smith Jingle Ball Tour / Dancer / Chor. Nina McNeely

Puma x Balmain Fashion Show / Dancer / Chor. Jasmine Albuquerque


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert “IDGAF” Dua Lipa / Dancer / Chor. Toogie Barcelo

The Billboard Music Awards “New Rules” Dua Lipa / Dancer / Chor. Toogie Barcelo 

The Ellen Show “IDGAF” Dua Lipa / Dancer / Chor. Toogie Barcelo

The Ellen Show “New Rules” Dua Lipa / Dancer / Chor. Toogie Barcelo


AGOLDE “Bonebreakers” Eighty Nine Magazine / Dancer + Model / Dir. Rafael Pulled


Lady Gaga "Stupid Love" / Dancer / Chor. Richy Jackson

Sueco The Child “Fast” / Dancer / Dir. RJ Sanchez

Gia Woods “Keep On Coming” / Dancer / Dir. Jasper Egan

The Narah Project "Nightmares" / Dancer / Chor. Ashley Robicheaux

Ferris Pier “Lift Me Up ft. Abby Cates” / Choreographer + Lead / Dir. Caroline Ingraham Lee

R O B I “Handlebars” / Dancer / Dir. + Chor. Ashley Robicheaux

Somme “Broken Hearted Lovers” / Dancer / Chor. Angel Inniss

KIIRA “Worry” / Movement Director / Dir. Chris Cranston


Tik Tok Ad / Dancer / Dir. Jane Chow

Oakley “Prizm” / Dancer / Dir. Oakley

         Buzzfeed “Meaty Ziti” Ad / Finger Tutter / Dir. Becca Park

Move Free Joint Health Commercial / Choreographer / Dir. Hernan Marcelo

JYW Commercial (International) / Co-Choreographer / Dir. Nathan Ni



“Barbie & Ken” at The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston / Dancer and Co-choreographer

“Feminine Pysche” in Between What We See and What we Say, installation by Amanda Maciel Antunes and Galia Linn at Blue Roof Studios / Dancer and Co-choreographer

San Diego Ballet “Firebird” / Dancer / Chor. Omeed Simantob

“EarthBird2.0” at No Headliners at The Mine Art Space / Performer + Choreographer

“Humanizing Legal Rhetoric Through Dance Performance” / Dancer / Chor. Brynn Bodair

“Puzzle Dance” at TPK Student Art Gallery / Choreographer / Performed by Miriam Hermina 


SPECIAL SKILLS: Freestyle/Improvisation, Acting, Dance Battling, Tutting, Bonebreaking



B.F.A Studio Arts, Emphasis: Individualized Studies / Loyola Marymount University 2019

Brutally Soft (2019) / Duo exhibition with Aurora Schnurr / TPK Student Art Gallery

“Risk” (2019) / Installation at Young Contemporaries / Laband Art Galley

“Live Dance Drawing Experiment” (2018) / Performance with Kian Khiaban at Mycelium / TPK Student Art Gallery

PROGRAMS: Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

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